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Rhythm of Love (Operation Riot #2) by Kristin MacQueen – Free eBooks Download


Going on tour with my band for six months can’t be that hard, right? What about when you throw a five-year-old onto the tour bus with us?
My ex complicated everything when she decided she didn’t want to be a mother to our daughter anymore. Harley is all mine. The daughter of a rock star. The only problem is I don’t have anyone to watch her while I’m working or on stage.
My sister’s an idiot. She gave up all rights to her daughter without telling a single person. I would’ve taken that little girl into my home and treated her as my own. My life revolves around Harley. She’s the only thing that matters to me. I have no choice but to contact her dad and practically beg for a chance to spend time with her… except he gives me so much more than I hoped for.
Can I put it all on the line for a chance with the rock star?

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