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Rhys (Rogue Enforcers) by Theresa Hissong – Free eBooks Download


Rhys Zamora is next in line to rule his people. As the son of the Chief, and the only skinwalker in the tribe, he has never wanted to join the elite group of shifter Enforcers, preferring to remain hidden on his lands in northwest Washington. At his father’s urging, he concedes and travels to meet and train in secret with Rogue Enforcer, Colton Alexander.
Upon his arrival home, the animals that rule him notice a change with the female he’d left to watch over his people, and that change will mean everything to him.
Rain Flores, and her coyote, are prepared to take on anything that comes for them on their tiny reservation. Her only goal since her parents’ death is to follow in her father’s footsteps as a protector of her people. When Rhys returns home from his secretive training, chaos erupts. Rain’s lack of training won’t stop her from doing what she needs to do to help Rhys eliminate the threat.
Rhys will have to put his mating aside when teenagers on his reservation start to disappear. It will take a miracle to stop the kidnappings while fighting his urge to claim his destined mate, keep everyone safe and sound, and out of the human eye.

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