Rhuger’s Cridhe by Carlotta Hughes (ePUB)

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Rhuger’s Cridhe (Orc Matched #1.5) by Carlotta Hughes – Free eBooks Download


With Rhuger and I finally letting go of our insecurities and becoming mates, I thought I would be free of Rìgh Orok’s slimy grasp. Boy, was I wrong. Captured, beaten, and bound, I was forced to sit before Rìgh Orok on the ride to the Oc’Turin lands. When we finally arrived, Rìgh Orok was hailed a hero, Rhuger labeled a villain, and our baby growing in my belly laid claim to by our captor. Rìgh Orok thinks he can break me to his cruel will. But I’ve already survived his kind once before, and I’ll do it again.
Would Rhuger and I be able to survive the treacherous halls of the Oc’Turin clan, our bond holding true? Or would everything I’d ever wanted and needed be ripped from me forever? Regardless of what the fates decreed, nothing and no one would stand between Rhuger and me. Our future was too bright to be snuffed out by the likes of Rìgh Orok. And I was far more deadly than my soft appearance made me seem.

Pain was an old friend. Rìgh Orok had his bastard warriors beat me, whip me, and break me any way they could while I was forced to walk barefoot all the way to the Oc’Turin capital of Clach-tholl. My pearl, my mate, and cridhe rode at the front of the line, seated before my nemesis. Thoughts of shredding his guts for daring to touch my mate kept me focused and conscious. Rage was too soft a word for what I felt toward the wretched Rìgh, and he would pay the ultimate price for putting his claws on Amelia.
But what would happen once Rìgh Orok was dead? Would the Oc’Turin welcome me back as their Rìgh? Or would they put me down like a rabid animal? Even if Amelia and I survived this, the challenges that lay before us were daunting. One thing I knew for certain. Rìgh Orok would be defeated and I would claim my cridhe, would see our bairn enter the world. No matter the cost.

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