Reversal of Fate by Tina Folsom (ePUB)

reversal of fate, tina folsom

Reversal of Fate (Time Quest #1) by Tina Folsom – Free eBooks Download


In 2085, humankind is at the brink of extinction. A mutated virus originating from a worldwide pandemic in 2025 has rendered 99% of women infertile, yet has no effect on men. The only hope for the survival of mankind is to send young men back in time to find fertile women before the virus infects them.

However, the space time continuum may not be disturbed since any change in the past may wipe out the future. Therefore, only women known to have died during the 2025 pandemic may be chosen. But will they come willingly?

Carter Ambrose is the first young man to travel back in time and assigned to bring back Julie Schneider, a young woman fated to die in the first wave of the virus. However, something goes wrong during the time jump and Carter suddenly finds himself racing against time to win Julie’s trust and affection so he can convince her to come back to the future with him.

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