Return of the Bad Boy by Erin Nicholas (ePUB)

return, erin nicholas

Return of the Bad Boy (Bad Boys of the Bayou #6) by Erin Nicholas – Free eBooks Download


She might be the teacher in the classroom.
But she wants this bad boy to teach her everything he knows in the bedroom.

The biggest bad boy of all is back in town and he’s got some unfinished business with the class goody-two-shoes. But as much as he’d like some revenge on the snitch who got him kicked off the championship football team, he’s ten years older and he knows there are more important things. Most days.
Like the opportunity to come home, atone for past sins, and prove he’s ready to give back to his hometown. And he knows just the person to help him—the same woman who brought him down all those years ago. As a well-respected and beloved teacher, if Annabelle is willing to take a chance on him, everyone will know Jackson’s a new man.
But he’s not the only one who’s changed. Though she’s just as smart as he remembers, Annabelle is also sweet, kind, loyal—and hiding some sexy surprises behind her flowery skirts and her cool attitude.
Suddenly proving himself to the town might be more difficult than he’d thought. Because while Jackson may have shed most of his wild ways, turns out nothing stirs his inner bad boy quite like Annabelle.

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