Restless Things by Samantha Lovelock (ePUB)

restless things, samantha lovelock

Restless Things (Folkestone Sins #3) by Samantha Lovelock – Free eBooks Download


Sometimes in ruin, we find our truth.

Payne Emerson is the boy I grew up with. The one who kept all of my secrets.
My life was perfect, until that one fateful night it all fell apart.
And I became invisible.
When my brother died, my parents looked right through me. My lonely feet stumbled and I finally fell.
Nobody truly knows how deep the darkness within me dwells, nobody except him.
I’m afraid of the fire he ignites within me. Afraid it will burn through the walls I’ve built to shelter my bruised and wounded heart.
What if I can’t find my way back?
I can’t lose myself again.

Sunday Easton is the first girl I ever kissed. The one who holds my heart in the palm of her hand.
When her world collapsed, I tried to be there for her. We were young, I was powerless.
And I became invisible.
She confessed her sins and I kept her secrets, holding tight to her small hand in the dark. Now we don’t talk about the heat that burns between us.
I’m the only one who truly sees her and I’m done pretending.
Will she ever trust me enough to let go?
I’ll never let her disappear.

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