Rescued Omegas by Aria Grace (ePUB)

rescued omega, aria grace

Rescued Omegas (Glass Bay Apartments #10) by Aria Grace – Free eBooks Download


Twin omegas Teddy and Mikey have been on their own for a long time. Having been abandoned young, they’ve had to take care of each other while trying to survive. Growing up on the streets isn’t a safe or easy life, but it’s all they know. When they overhear an alpha talking about leaving on a trip and hoping his apartment is still standing when he returns, they get an idea.
Gordon doesn’t care about being a good neighbor, but when Alex asks him to water his plants while he’s traveling, he begrudgingly agrees. When he hears noises coming from the apartment that’s supposed to be empty, he gets curious. Purely out of boredom, he watches the door and sees a young man come in and out throughout the day. Gordon chooses to ignore the situation until he hears the smoke alarm going off and screaming coming from the other side of his wall.

The twins are terrified of the big alpha who comes to their rescue, but after getting to know him, they realize he may be the man they’ve waited their whole lives for.

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