Rescued By the Reindeer by Bella Drake (ePUB)

rescued reindeer, bella drake

Rescued By the Reindeer by Bella Drake – Free eBooks Download


An undercover cop, an abusive ex, a woman and her child lost in the wilderness. Will this Christmas be merry or will the ghost of Christmas past tear apart two fated mates?
Chase Langley will do anything to protect his community. As an undercover cop, he’s used to danger and protecting the weak. But his plan to spend Christmas in his reindeer form to get a lead on a gang of ruthless kidnappers is blown apart when a lost child wanders into the middle of his herd, with his true mate not far behind.
Hailey Somerton will do anything to protect her son. On the run from her abusive ex, she isn’t sure she’ll ever feel safe again. When her car is run off the road in the middle of nowhere, her son wanders into trouble and a handsome stranger comes to their rescue, her heart begs her to trust this man to protect her from the world.
Chase wants to keep Hailey and her son safe, not just for the holidays but beyond. Hailey cannot deny her intense desire for Chase or the draw of a safe haven for her son, but she cannot bear putting her perfect partner in the dangerous path of her unhinged ex.
Can these fated mates overcome the peril of her past or will their passion be destroyed by the spectre that is hunting her?

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