Rescued By a Rogue Highlander by Lydia Kendall (ePUB)

rescued by, lydia kendall

Rescued by a Rogue Highlander by Lydia Kendall – Free eBooks Download


He loved her to the point of oblivion…

When Ella-Rose learns that she is to marry an old and abusive man, her only option is to disguise herself as a man and escape. Her disguise proves better than she thought, when the rogue Highlander she meets on her journey helps her slip past the guards.

The moment he rescues that village boy, Dominic White instantly knows that he is actually a woman. Knowing he can’t leave her alone to fend for herself, which leaves him with no choice but to tell her his secret: in reality, he is the son of the Laird of McEwan.

Despite the rocky start and the hidden truths, Ella-Rose and Dominic find their true love in each other. However, it all goes downhill when someone appears determined to end Dominic’s life, and everyone thinks it’s Ella-Rose’s family trying to get her back. Nobody dares look closer, for the past is dead; or so they think…

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