Rescued By A Devil by Wendy Vella (ePUB)

rescued by devil, wendy vella

Rescued By A Devil (The Deville Brothers #2) by Wendy Vella – Free eBooks Download


From bestselling author Wendy Vella comes a sizzling series full of passion, scandals and intrigue. Tasked with protecting the King, the Deville brothers are part of a secret alliance forged centuries ago, but when it comes to affairs of the heart they are yet to be tamed.

He vowed to never trust her again. It had taken a single look at Miss Bethany Carlow for Nathanial Deville to fall in love. He’d believed she’d felt the same, until he received the note stating she didn’t return his affections. The following day she’d disappeared. Devastated, Nathan put his shattered heart back together and declared love was no longer for him. Now cynical, and untrusting, two years has taught him many things, hiding his emotions being one of them. An excellent skill that he calls upon when he steps into a ballroom and sees Beth again.

She vows to do what it takes to protect those she loves. A threat to her family had forced Beth from London and the man she loved. Only a greater threat would have her stepping back into society to face him again. His veneer like hers is civil, but those eyes tell her he will never forgive her perfidious behavior. In fact he loathes her, and while every hateful look inflicts pain she is here for a purpose. A deceitful treasonous purpose that will save those she loves. Can she do what must be done or will Nathan unmask her?

He is bound by a legacy to protect the monarchy. She has vowed to do what it takes to keep her family safe. Can they find their way back to each other in the face of danger, when they are on different sides?

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