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After our run in at the ER, I never expected to see the sexy yet frustrating single dad, Cash Fowler, standing in my hallway, ready to renovate my house.
I have no doubt about his company’s capabilities, but I’m not sure I can survive seeing this man working in my home, day after day.
He’s like my own personal catnip. He’s drool worthy when he uses his power tools, and melts my ovaries when he’s with his daughter. He draws me in like a magnet.
But he’s no good for me. My nursing career has taken off and my dreams are almost at my fingertips… So why do my fingertips want to know what those chiseled abs feel like instead?

Imagine my shock when I stumble on the auburn beauty with violet streaks in her hair, staring me down like I have no right to be in her presence.
There’s no way my buddy didn’t know exactly who Chayse was when he signed on the line to fix her house.
She’s a damn fine nurse who doesn’t take my shit and there’s nothing sexier than watching her handle power tools. I need to focus on my daughter and growing my business, not getting lost in this woman.
Only problem is, she’s like a fire you can’t help but watch burn. Hopefully she doesn’t take me down with her flames.

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