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reprisal, anna noel

Reprisal (Project Fallen Angel #1) by Anna Noel – Free eBooks Download


“I lived for six years thinking you were dead… the next time your heart stops beating, mine will too.”

The very first case I was ever assigned after the Academy ended in three deaths. The memory serves as a constant reminder of my biggest failure. What haunts me even more is how it was covered up, leaving justice unserved.
After six years of mourning what could have been, her face crossed my desk.
I barely have time to process the fact that she’s alive. All I can think about is my need to warn her of the impending trouble.

I don’t remember anything from before the day I died. All I know is I have no one left. With no family or friends, I was the perfect choice for the Agency’s Fallen Angel Project, a Top-Secret CIA operation illegally operating in the country.
I’ve been invisible for the last six years, living with the other Seattle Fallen Angels at our high-security compound, doing anything the Agency asks of us. That is until a stranger shows up and turns my world upside down.
When a hit is put out on me, we must travel across the country to take out the threat. But in doing so, I find out more than I can bare as memories come rushing back.
Damon is a symbol of the demons from the past, but he may be the key to my reprisal.

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