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Adam has a problem.

One semester shy of graduating from university, Adam is so close to freedom he can taste it. But he can’t graduate if he can’t pay rent, and no amount of juggling his job as a mechanic, cashier, and tutor will pay the bills.
Sean has a solution.
Adam’s lived with surly Sean for the better part of two years now, which is only manageable because Adam is rarely home. But once his roommate shows him how he pays the bills, Adam can’t help but be intrigued: by the amount of cash, the taboo of being filmed, and not to mention Sean’s ridiculous abs.
Is it worth the risk?
If he’s caught, Adam could lose everything. But nights alone with Sean begin to override that. Adam always assumed that he was mostly straight, but he’s beginning to have doubts. Worse, he’s beginning to catch feelings.
Soon all Adam knows is that he wants more.
More of Sean, more of life. Can Adam really have it all? Adam’s never known love without some sort of price. Can he afford this? Or is everything he knows about to crash and burn?

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