Reno Gabrini: His Broken Glass by Mallory Monroe (ePUB)

his broken glass, mallory monroe

Reno Gabrini: His Broken Glass by Mallory Monroe – Free eBooks Download


Sexy casino mogul Reno Gabrini spends his life juggling his vast responsibilities. From his casino to his business empire to his questionable associations, he is always a man on the run. But when he juggles Trina right out of his life, he realizes the wreckage he has caused and attempts to put it back together again. But when more wreckage from his past threatens to terminate his future, he realizes just how much damage he has truly caused.

Trina Gabrini has been Reno’s ride or die for years. No matter what, she has always been in Reno’s corner. But when she receives information she cannot dismiss as mere rumor or gossip, and when Reno refuses to realize what is happening to their relationship, she takes matters into her own hands. And leaves him. But is it for good? Are Reno and Trina done? And what about the handsome billionaire waiting in the wings? And when Reno needs Trina unlike he ever has before, will she set aside their differences and be his ride or die once more?

Reno Gabrini: His Broken Glass is the latest episode in the Reno Gabrini Romantic Suspense Thriller series.

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