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renegade, myra danvers

Renegade (The Feral Court #1) by Myra Danvers – Free eBooks Download


She is the key to his revenge.

What was once a treasured possession of his father is now the most valuable thing in the ravaged kingdom beyond the wall. A female boasting ancient bloodlines and a body which cries out to be mastered.

A rare prize many would kill to claim.
Defiant to the whims of fate, she dares resist, believing the wilds of the forest could hide and protect her.
But nothing will protect her from him.
She will bow at his feet and birth him an army.
From her lips, he tastes vengeance… and soon, the Alpha will rise again to reclaim his throne.

But he is not the only contender…
And the hunt has begun.

Publisher’s Note: Each pulse-pounding, tension filled page of this Paranormal Romance features a gritty heroine desperate to remain free of the criminals who seek to claim her for their own. If being helpless to the whims of monsters offends you, please do not read.

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