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rem, madison stevens

Rem (Luna Lodge: Hunters of Atlas #12) by Madison Stevens – Free eBooks Download


The road to freedom for the Atlantean hybrids has been long and tough. Rem escaped the clutches of the Horatius Group and met his destined mate Jenna. He led his people away from the public eye to a small town in Washington to secure their safety and privacy. Despite all the trouble they found, he’s convinced the battles are over and he can welcome his son into a world where hybrids aren’t hunted.
Jenna is less convinced those dark days are behind them. After years of struggle, she wonders if her mate is relaxing too much. She craves safety in the closing days of her pregnancy, but what she wants and what the world delivers are two separate things when they have to face their most powerful enemy to date, Erebus.
The hybrids and their Vestals have fought many foes, but taking down a soldier or Glycon isn’t the same thing as taking on a demigod obsessed with their destruction.
It’s time for Rem to show his true power and rally his men in a final battle against darkness.

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