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relentless, aj merlin

Relentless (Prowl #2) by AJ Merlin – Free eBooks Download


My alphas think they know everything about me, and that everything between us is amazing.

But I’m hiding something from them, and if I don’t find a way to tell them about my past, we won’t have a future together.
I thought that things would be easier now that I’m not being stalked, but if anything, things are harder. I’m anxious how my alphas will see me when they find out about my past, and worried about the life changes that are coming.
What also concerns me is this new ‘family’ in town that means trouble, but maybe I’m just looking for problems that aren’t my responsibility. Especially once my mother, the original source of my problems, suddenly becomes keen on renewing our relationship and delivering the apology she thinks I’ve been waiting for.
It’s starting to feel like I can’t tell up from down anymore, and even when the stability and comfort I crave from my alphas is within reach, there seem to be strings attached.
I have choices to make, that’s for damn sure, and I can only hope they’re the right ones.

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