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Released (The Everyday Heroes World) by Nicole Rodrigues – Free eBooks Download


Carina Parsons.
The mysterious single mom with twin boys that seems untouchable. I want her, but little did I know, pursuing her would bring the monster she deals with out from the shadows. I can’t save her and the guilt eats me alive as I bring my pathetic self back to my hometown of Sunnyville, trading my life in the fast paced San Francisco force.
Six months later, she shows up, looking for a fresh start for her and her boys and I come back to life. I’m determined to make it right this time, keep her safe. I know the hunter is not done with his prey but this time, I’ll be ready. She’s mine now, and nobody touches what’s mine.


Fear. For seven years, all I’ve lived in is fear. I’ve learned to trust no one, get close to no one because there’s consequences. When things finally go too far, I’m left broken, determined to pick up the pieces and go back to my hometown of Sunnyville–my safe haven before the destruction hit. I’m determined to give my boys a life they deserve, but I didn’t account for Micah Malone. With the notorious Malone hero complex, he’s slowly making me feel, making me trust, making me love. Let’s just hope it’s not too late.

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