Regency Whispers: Scandalous Matches by Laura Martin (ePUB)

regency whispers, laura martin

Regency Whispers: Scandalous Matches by Laura Martin – Free eBooks Download


Is this love?

A Match to Fool Society by Laura Martin
Jane Ashworth dreams of being an author, yet Society insists she becomes a debutante. Jane finds an unlikely ally in notorious rake Tom Stewart. As a new guardian to his nephew, Tom is out of his depth and intent on remaining a bachelor. They agree to fool Society with a pretend courtship, but both are unprepared when the lines of their agreement start to blur…

The Kiss That Made Her Countess by Laura Martin
Desperate to step into Society just once before she’s forced into an unhappy marriage, Alice sneaks into a masquerade ball…only to catch a dashing stranger’s eye! And Alice can’t resist ending their enchanting evening with a kiss. But the next day, when he comes to warn her that their encounter was observed, she learns he’s the Earl of Northumberland…and the only way to save her reputation is to become his convenient countess!

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