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Regency Influencer (Time Travelers #2) by Teresa Yea – Free eBooks Download


Lost in Austenland…
Influencing… It’s a hustle.
I take selfies and seek out brand deals.
One thing I did not seek out: a trip through time to the Dark Ages.
That honor was foisted upon me by my arch nemesis, the sorceress Morgaine le Fey.
Through my cunning political posturing (and style tips), I landed a job as King Arthur’s royal influencer— a position filled with perks.
Like unlimited mead refills.
And up close and personal time with the king’s advisor, Merlin, a foxy wizard with rock hard abs underneath his majestic blue robes.
After our last adventure, I thought Hot Merlin was dead.
Heck, I thought I was dead.
Yet we’re both alive.
Now Merlin stands before me with a new phone and a reprogramed MorgVPN.
Oh the places we’ll go…
London, 1813.
Fancy balls. Parlor room gossip. Mr. Darcy-sightings.
Regency England is where that blasted sorceress is holding my cousin hostage unless I agree to join her diabolical plot to take over the throne.
Not on my watch!
My name is Laurel Kirby, Regency Influencer.
Join me and my hot wizard companion as we:
Infiltrate high society.
Brush up on our ballroom dance moves.
Foil a royal kidnapping.
Save lives, bust skulls.

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