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Reece (Undercover Alphas #4) by Wolf Conan, L.C. Davis – Free eBooks Download


A bullied omega who rose from the ashes of his pain comes face to face with the Alpha who helped make his youth a living hell.

Ellis, an imposing man with long, firey hair and a strong temperament to match, never fit in with other omegas no matter how hard he tried. An easy target in his formative years due to his inability to blend in with the others, Ellis did everything in his power to get through high school in one piece only to suffer immeasurably at the hands of bullies. One horrific event hardened his heart forever, and as soon as he was able to, he threw himself into Alpha-level work and sank every bit of his soul into his father’s company. The distraction saved his life, but giving his all to a company leaves no time for romance, which the burdened omega has convinced himself he doesn’t need–or want.
The world Ellis has shelt
ered himself within is turned upside-down when he receives news that Roman Enterprises plans to absorb the company that, for all intents and purposes, has become Ellis’s one love. As fate would have it, the initial meeting brings Reece Roman, an enemy from the past, back into Ellis’s life. Ellis has every reason to hate him, but Reece is desperate to prove himself a changed man, and the omega can’t shake the feeling that there’s always been an undeniable bond between them…

Reece is the eldest son of Lionel Roman, the CEO of Roman Enterprises. He may be an Alpha, but he hasn’t had an easy life. The death of his mother influenced many of his decisions, including the decision to marry a woman he hadn’t imprinted on. He loved her with all he had, but his heart still belonged in part to a man in his past–Ellis, the beautiful, headstrong omega Reece had imprinted on as a teenager. The same omega Reece took part in bullying in high school and failed to protect when the bullying escalated to levels he was blind to.
In order to alleviate himself of the guilt he had over not being able to give his whole heart to Janie, Reece managed to convince himself that he hadn’t imprinted on Ellis at all, and when she died in childbirth, Reece withdrew into himself even more, pouring all his energy into being the sole parent of their daughter Anika. All of those long-buried feelings return to the surface when he encounters Ellis again, and the circumstances of their meeting are far from rosy.

All Reece wants is to show Ellis that he’s not the Alpha he used to be, but Ellis’ defenses are an iron fortress and Reece is sure he has no hope of breaking down the walls he helped fortify.
Can Reece right his wrongs and save Ellis’s heart, even if it means sacrificing his desires to be the omega’s mate and being there for him as his protector and friend instead? Or will the bond they’ve shared for more than half their lives prove unbreakable in the end?

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