Redemption in Cruelty by Vi Carter (ePUB)

redemption cruelty, vi carter

Redemption in Cruelty (Sons of the Mafia #3) by Vi Carter, E.R. Whyte – Free eBooks Download


They say she is a mafia princess. But when Evie O’Hanlon’s precious feet land on Irish soil, I realize everyone is wrong. She’s not a princess but a Queen.
A Queen I want to capture, play with, and then kill.
You can’t have competition, no matter how pretty the package is. And the package is very f*ucking pretty—so much so that my plan to kill her weakens the closer I get.
But my Queen isn’t exactly innocent. She weaves her own dark and dangerous web for me, one she freely admits to.
Together, we are gasoline and flame—explosive.
When we decide that we’d rather work together than against each other, our allies turn on us, and soon every move we make is marked by danger and death.
But every time they hurt us, they push us closer together.
So close that we ignite and burn the world around us to the ground.
Revenge is sweet. Loving Evie is sweeter.

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