Redemption by Olivia Concord (ePUB)

redemption, olivia concord

Redemption (Redfern Shifters #3) by Olivia Concord – Free eBooks Download


They’ll have to fight treachery, curses, and fate itself to stay together.

Stella knew it would be hard to live with the fated mate who’d rejected her, but she’d underestimated just how pleasurable it could be. Every day since returning to their pack, she’s fallen deeper in love with him.
But soon she uncovers secrets that suggest their fate is more complicated than either suspected. Unless they destroy the hidden threats, their mate bond could be broken forever. She can’t let that happen.
Just as Jasper realizes the depths of his feelings for Stella, the obstacles between them multiply. A rival pack is playing a long, violent game. Generations of bad luck might be an actual curse. And internal struggles continue threaten his young command as alpha.
Confident he’ll win in the end, Jasper gathers his allies and launches a plan. He’ll do what’s right for his pack, his mate, and his heart. Whatever it takes.
Both Stella and Jasper are prepared to do anything to stay together. But what if their biggest enemy is fate itself?

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