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redemption, jayda marx

Redemption (Lions of Locust Falls #1) by Jayda Marx – Free eBooks Download


Talon – I cocked up. But it wasn’t like my normal cock ups, which happen way more often than I’d like to admit; this was the cock up of a lifetime. I was feeling restless and frustrated, and decided to blow off a little steam with a random hookup in the bathroom of a gay club. That’s not so bad, right? Well, it wouldn’t have been, if my mate didn’t choose that exact moment to walk in.

Yep, my mate, the man I’d waited my entire lifetime to meet, the one whom I was destined to love and protect for all eternity, caught me in the act with a stranger. Talk about a great first impression. And when I tried to approach him to apologize, he pepper sprayed me and ran away.

I can track him easily enough, but how do I explain myself when he won’t speak to me? How do I show him that we’re meant to be, or that I’m loyal and trustworthy when he probably thinks I’m just a dirty man-whore? Oh, and as if that isn’t difficult enough, I need to tell him that I can turn into a lion. Time is running out to claim my mate and luck is certainly not on my side.

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