Redeeming Her Mountain Man by Cameron Hart (ePUB, PDF, Downloads)

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Redeeming Her Mountain Man (Bear’s Tooth Mountain Men #3) by Cameron Hart – Free eBooks Download


**I’m right on the edge, the fire licking at my core, the sweet burn singing my nerves. Another deep stroke, another, one more, one more…**

All I want is to live a quiet life in my cabin. I have a solid job, a sister who loves me, and a best friend I would do anything for. I’m just trying to be a better man, get back the years I lost when I was being stupid and selfish. But then I found my little pixie, all curled up in the back of a truck I was working on. Her hood fell back, revealing indigo eyes, lily-white skin, and hair as black as midnight. She was other-worldly. Fey and feral. Fierce and fragile. I’ll never forget looking into her impossibly beautiful eyes. And seeing the absolute terror there. I swear I could feel the jagged edges of her soul puncturing my heart the longer I looked at her. I may have wanted a quiet life of penance, but now I know my purpose is to protect her. She just might be my redemption.

Soft sheets. Warm bed. Smells like cedar and smoke. I’m not thirsty. Not hungry. Not cold. Not running, running, running.
“I’m not going to hurt you,” he said. I believe him.
“I just want to take care of you,” he told me. I want that too.
He said I’m safe. He said I’m going to be ok. Gunnar. Blue eyes. Chocolate hair. Warm smile. He’s beautiful. I’m broken. I haven’t spoken in over a year. But somehow, he hears me. He just might be my salvation.

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