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Red, White & Blew (Welcome to Morningwood #6) by Kiki Burrelli – Free eBooks Download


Professor. Single dad. His father’s former best friend…

There is no end to how off-limits Thatcher should be to Dylan. But Dylan is away from home for the first time. An artist at heart, he’s struggling at the normie law school where he’s desperately trying to stand in his father’s footsteps. He’s too gentle, too meek. The members of his family have become lawyers and protected Morningwood—the secretive shifter only community—for generations. Though Dylan is lonely, he can’t tell his dad about the new friend he’s found in Thatcher. His dad would only order Dylan to stay away, and Dylan can’t give Thatcher up. Not just yet.

Thatcher has his hands full as a newly single father. The single part isn’t new, but the father part is. Elijah was ten when services dropped him on Thatcher’s door and in the months since he’s scrambled to change his life from that of a bachelor to a responsible father. But he struggles to connect with his young son. The smartest thing he could do would be to put a stop to the feelings he has for Dylan. While Elijah loves spending time with him and when the three of them are together, it feels like they are a family, Dylan is a student. If the university doesn’t discover their relationship Dylan’s overbearing dad will. He never got over the way Thatcher left Morningwood over a decade ago and if he ever found out Thatcher was interested in his son, he’d go ballistic.

As their bond deepens and the end of term looms ahead, Dylan’s running out of time. The annual Morningwood 4th of July camp-out is on the horizon, yet another tradition Dylan has with his father and he realizes he will have to make a choice between his dad and the town he loves, or his mate and the family that accepts him just the way he is.

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