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Red-Hot Melody (Alien Sabretooth Shifters #3) by Serena Simpson – Free eBooks Download


Red escaped from her family and the small town where she grew up. The town was more of a cult run by the minister. She kept going back. They had one thing she couldn’t live without–her mother. On her last visit, they proved to her that all she would ever be was a baby-making machine and a symbol for the oppression of women. She crawled away as they laughed.
Norquay was an alien living on earth with the blessing of the government. His enemy, the enemy of his people, is after him. Even as he fought, he knew that the end was near until the day he found Red abused and barely clinging to life. Holding her frail body in his arms renewed his desire to fight.
Trouble is coming for them. Red’s family and the town she’s from wants her back. Norquay’s enemy wants to destroy them. Together they must find out why Norquay is essential to the survival of his people and what part Red will play. Either they figure out how to shore up the defenses, or they perish and take the earth with them.
Sometimes your only choice is to stand firm in the face of adversity.

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