Recruiting Curves by Brynn Hale (ePUB)

recruiting curves, elsie james

Recruiting Curves (Scarlet Springs Police, Fire, & Rescue #4) by Brynn Hale, Elsie James – Free eBooks Download


Making the transition from military to fire fighting has been a challenge, but I’m always up for one of those.
Enter the latest rookie in the department, Meadow. Like her name suggests, she’s a breath of fresh air, sunnier than a summer day here in Scarlet Springs, and puts Devotion Mountain’s curves to shame. I’m finding it hard to keep my head on the dangerous and mindful tasks when she’s around and my urge to protect her when she can protect herself is frustrating her. We’re butting heads and the tension is bound to explode soon.
When we get surrounded by a wildfire on the mountain, we take shelter in a cave and a night of honesty has us connecting to our souls.
But back at the station, she’s all business, and I can’t stop thinking that night wasn’t about the fear of dying, it was about the joy of living.
Can I help her to lower her protective shield so we can have a fighting chance? Or will she leave my heart charred like the great aspens of the burning mountain?

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