Reclaiming Her Highland Home by Alisa Adams (ePUB)

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Reclaiming Her Highland Home (The Legend of the Campbell Clan #5) by Alisa Adams – Free eBooks Download


Nothing can break a woman who has already been hurt.

A marriage and a family might be able to give meaning to the life of most lasses but that is not the case for Freya Campbell. She has been disappointed by love and feels that she is cursed. Every time she tries to be intimate with a man, it appears that he approaches her because he needs something from her or, even worse, to hurt her… However, her heart seems unable to follow what her mind dictates, and once again, she makes dreams about a certain Highlander.
Craig Laing is a warrior and the Laird of a small clan. As soon as Freya lays eyes on him, it is clear that she must avoid him. His devilish looks could tempt any woman, and Freya knows that since she has been hurt so much, she can not risk falling into the trap of loving such a man. However, Craig seems to be different. He teaches her how to use a bow and arrow better and seems to like her genuinely, but Freya has promised herself not to love again.

Unfortunately, her older brother notices that the two are doing well together and sees incredible potential in their union; Craig’s estate is right next to Dunscaith castle, the old home of the Campbell family. Reclaiming it has been the goal of the Campbells for half a century now and an opportunity like this might never arise again. However, Freya does not want to marry and sacrifice her life so that her clan can get revenge.
Yet, when Freya sees how horribly the clan that occupies the Dunscaith castle treats the poor farmers around the castle, she realizes that this is not simply a game of power. The Campbells must take Dunscaith castle back so that they can save the people of the area from the horrible conquerors who have devastated the lands and brought famine. Once again, Freya decides to be brave and try her luck; for the greater good, she will marry Craig!

Unfortunately, she realizes that what she thought about him is not true, and now she is in a foreign place next to her worse enemy, trapped in a marriage with a man she barely knows. The lass must try to survive in a hostile situation and in an estate in which every corner lurks a new danger… Now, Freya has very little time to discover Craig’s motives and unlock his mysterious heart so that she and her clan are not wiped out from history forever.

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