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reclaim, julianna foxe

Reclaim (Pinegrove Mountain #4) by Julianna Foxe – Free eBooks Download


She vowed to never give any piece of herself to a man again. Until she meets a man who teaches her that the right kind of man can provide more freedom than ever before.
As the survivor of a polygamist cult, Alma is not too fond of men. And bedroom activities? She doesn’t understand why other people seem to like it so much. But when her absentee landlord arrives in town and makes her body feel all kinds of wicked things, she wonders if it might be safe to someday open her heart again.
Of all the things that Levi thought might turn him on, a modest nightgown on the mother of six kids was not one of them. He never wanted to return to the town of Pinegrove Mountain and the memories it held. But now he’s stuck because his protective instincts kicked in when demons from his beautiful tenant’s past threaten to harm her.
Will the two of them be the balm that helps heal each other’s wounds from the past? Or is there too much trauma to salvage their broken souls?

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