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recklessly you, j morales

Recklessly You (The Delgado Brothers #2) by J. Morales – Free eBooks Download


Liam Rodriguez is known for being the notorious ladies’ man—a scorching hot officer with a drool-worthy charm. But he’s been living by a rule: avoid romantic relationships.
After a childhood trauma where he experienced a deep loss, the heartbreak has caused him to turn away from the possibility of any romantic entanglement.
He meets a beautiful woman with blue eyes and a fierce personality who turns his world upside down. He can’t seem to stop thinking about her.
Sophie Summers is on the rebound all due to her toxic past relationship. Now, she’s only looking for casual and no long-term relationships. Once Liam discovers what she is looking for.
He is persistent when he comes up with an agreement—no strings attached.
They can’t deny the powerful attraction between them. The man is hard to resist, has a soul spun from gold, he’s jealous, and has protective tendencies.
What transpires between them makes it more than what they agreed to. Liam ignores the limits he had set for himself, while Sophie reconsiders her choices. As a result, they end up spending more time with each other.
This agreement has an end. The problem is that Sophie has fallen in love. However, he made it clear from the beginning that he’d never fall in love.
Will Sophie be able to capture and mend his broken heart? Or will he remain bound by his past?

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