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reckless soul, emma creed

Reckless Soul (Dirty Souls MC #2) by Emma Creed – Free eBooks Download


‘Bound not by blood but by loyalty.
We live, we ride and we die
By our own laws’’

I came to them looking for my father. What I found was a brotherhood. And a life that I finally fitted into.
As Prospect I’ve proven my loyalty , gotten my hands dirty. And now, I’m ready to wear the patch. There’s just one thing standing in my way.
Ella Jackson…
Beautiful, pure and everything I never thought I wanted. She’s also Prez’s biggest secret, and the final task Ive been set before I make the cut.
The Souls have a code, the consequence of breaking it is fatal.
They call me reckless, and when it comes to her… they’re right.

Reckless Soul is Book 2 in the Dirty Souls MC Series

Reckless Soul and all future books in the Dirty Soul’s Mc series are all a work of fiction, and all contain adult content. Due to the nature of the series you should expect to come across various subject matter that some readers may find disturbing.
Please contact the author if you require further information.
Lost Soul is intended for readers 18+

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