Reckless Promise by B. B. Hamel (ePUB)

reckless promise, bb hamel

Reckless Promise (Reckless Promise #1) by B. B. Hamel – Free eBooks Download


I can’t stop obsessing over my new wife.

I’ve known Tara Caruso most of my life and I hate her guts. I blame her for the accident that took my little sister’s life and left me emotionally scarred and destroyed.
Now, I have no interest in friendships, romance, or morality. I run my mafia crew, kill my enemies, and take whatever I desire. Sin is my only motivation.
But when my father dies, I move back home to claim my inheritance and find Tara living in a cottage in my back yard.
The girl I hate more than anything in the world is only fifty yards away.
I despise her, and yet I want to use her. I need a wife, but most of all, I desire a new plaything. Something sweet to entertain me.
Except she’s more delicious than I could’ve imagined. Every word is like a puzzle. Every motion is like a painting.
She might be the weakness that ruins me for good.

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