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reckless mate, delta james

Reckless Mate (Mystic River Shifters #3) by Delta James – Free eBooks Download


Not everyone is what they seem. Sometimes that’s good and sometimes not.

My life is… complicated. I’m a deputy in the small town of Mystic River; my boss used to be my lover; and my brother is the local gangster. If that isn’t enough, Scott, the town’s very sexy baker, has told everyone that will listen that I am his fated mate.
Something is going on in my town and it seems to involve Scott and lots of secrets. An unfamiliar shifter dies suspiciously in my jail after sharing a cryptic message for “the baker.” The cause of death is unknown. My brother informs me, that Scott, who claims to be a Canadian lynx shifter, is not from Canada. Where he’s from is unknown but it’s definitely not Canada. Scott is hiding something. I will figure it out.

I came to Mystic River to hide in plain sight and pursue my love of all things baking. Baking isn’t necessarily what people think of as a hobby or profession for an alpha male lynx shifter, but after all I’ve seen and done, I crave peace almost as much as I crave Kyra, the beautiful curvy lynx shifter deputy.
After almost being killed, Kyra’s not looking for any kind of commitment. In fact, the idea that she might leave Mystic River is gaining in appeal, especially when she discovers that all of the people she holds dear have secrets they don’t want to reveal.

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