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reckless, sue wilder

Reckless (With Me #3) by Sue Wilder – Free eBooks Download


Why didn’t I realize who he was before I got blindsided in his bar?
We have history. I need his help. He wants me gone.
And he hasn’t changed in fifteen years. Still that cocky, sexy-as-hell jerk who calls me cupcake.
I want to damn his eyes.
Damn the way he sips whiskey like it’s a proposition.
Damn that I need his help and he isn’t offering.
Yes, I’m Hollywood’s darling. Or I was. Until I wrote that tell-all book.
Now I have a freak after me. Scary enough to make me call my twin. Ask for help.
And she sends me to him.
Says I can trust him.
When he walks up to a line and won’t cross.
If there were two people who shouldn’t work together – we’re that pair. Garrett Kincade makes me crazy. I make him crazy. We’ve always been combustible.
We still are. But it isn’t because he calls me cupcake.
It’s the way I catch him looking at me.
The way I’m looking at him.
Wet and naked from the shower, stalking toward me with that look in his eyes.

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