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Reckless (Alien Warrior Academy #3) by Miranda Bridges – Free eBooks Download


My instructor hates me.
If I could use my hacking expertise to fly through the academy’s courses I would, but that doesn’t work in hand-to-hand combat. And this guy? He’s determined to turn me into a soldier. Except I’m more suited to being a nerd than a killer.
I’m not here to learn those skills, only enhance my knowledge of alien technology, and it doesn’t include the Lokarian anatomy. But then I’m getting tutored privately, (because that’s how much I suck) and it’s giving me an upfront view of the male’s body as he kicks my Georgia peach two ways from Sunday.
And if that’s not enough, I’m being denied the opportunity to decode the enemy’s secrets. So I do what I do best: steal it. I am a hacker after all. Duh.
Will I be able to uncover the threat in time to save the academy, while simultaneously resisting my instructor’s lingering touches and smoldering looks? Or will I find myself being phished, but instead of a security breach it’ll be a full-on death trap?

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