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reckless, elizabeth grey

Reckless (Love and Lies Billionaire #1) by Elizabeth Grey – Free eBooks Download


When your gut tells you to run, but your heart demands you stay, which one will you listen to?

I’ll do anything to keep my non-profit business open. Even partner up with my rival— automobile mogul Andrew McCellan.
The darling of the charity scene, he’s slick and used to women dropping everything to be with him.
But if he thinks that his cheap ploys will work on me, he’s wrong. I don’t care how good looking he is, I have no intention of falling for the pompous billionaire.
Yet with each passing day, I glimpse more of the real man behind Andrew’s steely mask. He’s thoughtful, kind, and trying to make a difference in the world. I no longer want to resist him, but feel his lips on mine.
But just as I allow my defenses to crumble, Andrew’s dark secrets surface. Mysterious phone calls and texts escalate into my shop catching fire.
I want to believe that Andrew is innocent, but something tells me he’s got something to do with it.
Should I follow my instincts and leave while I still can, or stay by Andrew’s side?

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