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Reckless Boy (The Boys of Summer) by Lola West – Free eBooks Download


When a man loses his way, sometimes a quiet stranger can talk him off the edge.

Bookish and awkward, college sophomore Leah McCarthy treasures the quiet of her summers on Martha’s Vineyard. Her tiny Edgartown cottage is small and quaint, a perfect escape from the pressures of her parents’ high society lifestyle. Or at least it was until an absolute beast of a man moved in next door. First he was loud and disruptive, always throwing parties and making a ruckus. But now, Leah’s thinking maybe it’s more complicated than that…
Dropout, Ryan Stewart thrives on risks. Some of the guys at work say he has a death wish. Maybe. Or maybe not. Either way when there’s adrenaline coursing through his veins he remembers to breathe. He came to the island to get away from the watchful eyes of his small hometown but one night, lost at the bottom of a bottle, he climbed up to the roof of his cottage and bellowed at the moon, catching the attention of his nosey, uppity neighbor.
Now that girl is watching him. He can feel her eyes tracking him all the time. And can’t decide if he wants to scream at her to mind her own damn business or grab her and kiss that prissy frown right off her face.

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