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Rebel Billionaire (Lords of Gotham #4) by Deborah Garland – Free eBooks Download


It’s here! Grayson Hart’s story…
The fighting is dirty.
The sex is dirtier…
Find a down-on-his-luck actor? For one million dollars? No problem. Piece of cake.
Then I meet Grayson Hart, and I don’t get why his billionaire brothers want him back in the first place.
Grayson Hart is everything you’d expect from a spoiled billionaire. Cocky. Surly. I won’t even get into how utterly beautiful he is. Because he knows it and uses it. His brothers are paying me six figures to get his a$$ to LAX and on their company jet to bring him home to New York City.
Good riddance, gorgeous. Hello, payday.
That money will put my shabby PI company on the map in Los Angeles. Financial independence will buy my freedom, since I can’t go home. I come from a world of Irish arranged marriages. My family expects me to walk down the aisle with a family friend. And he’s expecting a virgin. That’s where the backup plan comes in. Lose my virginity, lose the unwanted fiancé.
Either way, Grayson Hart is the answer to my problems.
Yeah, I’m avoiding my brothers who’ve tried everything to get me to return home to New York City, but my last movie bombed and I can’t face them. Not yet, not with all their successes staring me in the face. Now they’ve cut me off. My bank accounts are frozen and my credit cards have been turned off.
But I’ve been promised a TV role that will save my career. I’ll go back to New York on my own terms. And I won’t go home a failure.
Then a stunning redhead claiming to be a PI shows up at my doorstep. She’s trying to lure my a$$ on a plane to New York so my brothers can pay her one million dollars. That’s some bounty to have on my head. So, to buy time until I hear from the producer, off we go on a trek across the country in a stolen Aston Martin.
I plan to ditch her. She plans for me to take her V-card. I like her plan better.
Only every mile we travel and the more time I spend with Sabine Quinlan all of my plans are going right into the $hitter.

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