Realm Walker’s Awakening by Willow McQuerry (ePUB)

realm walker's awakening, willow mcquerry

Realm Walker’s Awakening (Realm Walker #2) by Willow McQuerry – Free eBooks Download


Not even Death can keep us apart.

Dying was supposed to be permanent, but Death had a different plan for me.
I was told to awaken and take back my power. But since I came back to life with only a few faint scars to show for it, I didn’t feel so powerful. Though everyone around me believed I was.
There was still a hunt for me, and because of my cowardice, everyone around me was a possible casualty.
While we gathered our group and talked about our next move, I struggled to feel anything but cold and numb. Only Rune was able to chase it away with his heated touches and kisses.
A few times, it felt like I wasn’t me but who I used to be… Estrid.
Was I losing myself and becoming more of who I was in my past life each time I slipped into my old self? Were the messages I kept hearing while getting lost in the storms clues of who was after me?
And most importantly…
Was I going to finally awaken and protect Rune this time around when he needed me the most?

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