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Real Vampires and the Viking (Glory St. Clair #13) by Gerry Bartlett – Free eBooks Download


A honeymoon surprise…

When vampire Gloriana St. Clair finally says “I do.” to her longtime lover and sire Jeremy Blade, she expects there to be a honeymoon. What she doesn’t expect is to be whisked away to Sweden where they will have twenty hours of pleasure each long, long night. Sounds perfect except…

A sleigh ride in the snow, a picnic in a cave and then there’s an ice-quake. What should land at Glory’s feet but a man, frozen for a thousand years. He’s a Viking and a vampire, cast out by his enemies for the fortune he’d hidden away all those years ago. Company on their honeymoon? No, thanks. But they can’t just leave him. When he falls for Jerry’s beautiful cousin, it’s a disaster in the making. Especially when her jealous husband is a fiendish weapons manufacturer who has created a weapon that could prove deadly for all decent vampires everywhere.

The blissful honeymoon soon becomes a race against time, a fight for their lives and a chance to help a fierce Viking prove that some vampires can and should live forever.

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