Real Fake Love by Sloane Peterson (ePUB)

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Real Fake Love (Happy Ever After Bad Boy #1) by Sloane Peterson – Free eBooks Download


My football career on the line, a woman who can’t stand looking at my face, and a secret contract.
Will my fake fiancée help me get my job back?
Football is my life blood. It’s the only thing I’ve ever been passionate about. Maybe it’s the only thing that I’ve ever loved.
When I find out that I won’t be re-signed after this season, due to the ‘bad PR’ I bring, I’m gutted.
I need to come up with a plan.
Her name is Lia Cohen, and we can’t stand one another. I’ve never been anywhere near pleasant toward her. But I need her help. I need Lia to pretend to be my fiancée, to save my job and my reputation.
She reluctantly agrees and we proceed with our façade. We even take it as far as marriage.
We hit one big hitch in our plans though. I start to develop feelings for my now fake bride.

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