Ravaged Realm by Ava Ross (ePUB)

ravaged realm, ava ross

Ravaged Realm (Alien Warrior Abandoned #2) by Ava Ross – Free eBooks Download


I’m trapped on a distant planet with no way home—and a blue-skinned alien has claimed me as his mate.
One second, I’m helping a patient at the hospital and the next, I’m standing on a grassy alien plain. A band of terrifying creatures with shredded skin and gleaming eyes races toward me—riding chariots.
The aliens appear ready to run me over, which is bad news for me. Before they reach me, a muscular, blue-skinned guy with thick bands of hair that appear to move on their own leaps from below the ground. Taking Theer’s hand could pull me from the frying pan and thrust me into the fire, but who else can I trust? He saves me from the bad guys and shares that his ship crashed here over a year ago.
Despite my determination to return to Earth, I can’t help falling for this lonely, stoic male who calls me his treasure. But when the terrifying aliens discover Theer’s hideout, we have no choice but to run. Can our love survive in this ravaged world?

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