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Raunchy Kiss (Raunchy Recks #4) by Jaxson Kidman – Free eBooks Download


Love. Lust. Romance. A fling.

Whatever you want to call it, it’s pretty simple – I’m trading one addiction for another.
Here’s the backstory…
Yeah, I know, I’m the cliché rock star. Shipped off to rehab, hoping to save the band’s image, future, and obviously to save my own life.
The thing is, I’m not usually a quitter.
Trust me, I know I need to be here to get things right again in my head.
It’s just really tough being stuck with four walls and nothing to indulge.
Here enters Hazel.
We both know fooling around with someone in rehab is frowned upon.
Then again, I’m a rock star. Since when do rules matter to me? As far as I care, the whole world can frown down upon me.
It makes me write better songs.
Only now I’m running into a problem.
I do care… not about the world… but about Hazel.
I really care about her. I care about what she thinks of me.
And our nightly routine of sneaking around so I can play guitar for her – and then play between the sheets – has become another addiction.
I can’t picture a night without her.
I know this is big trouble. More for her than me.
I have the money and power to just walk out of rehab and hope for the best.
Which I have no choice but to do.
I know what you’re thinking.
‘What kind of guy leaves a woman behind in rehab?’
I maybe be in love with Hazel, but don’t forget – I’m still a rock star.

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