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Rathgar (Intergalactic Surrogacy Agency #2) by Taylor Neptune, Jasper Thorne – Free eBooks Download


Years ago, I swore off love. He’s a huge, growly barbarian of a man. And I’m assigned to have his baby.

When I packed my bags and moved to Aesirheim to be with my sister and her new alien husband, I told myself I wouldn’t get involved. I have my daughter Iris to look after, and that’s enough.
But when the contract stipulates that I have to sign up as a surrogate or risk deportation, I do what I have to do to keep my family safe.
I never expected to be matched with Rathgar, the terrifying warrior who revels in battle and bloodshed. And I never expected how quickly my toddler daughter would get attached to him.
After the mistakes of my past, I refuse to give any male my heart. But how can I resist this alpha when he makes my daughter giggle and smile during the day and makes me scream at night?
I didn’t expect to want him.
I didn’t expect to need him.
But when an old nemesis attacks, I just hope I can stay alive long enough to see him again.

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