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Ranger (Angel’s Rebellion MC #12) by Jeneveir Evans – Free eBooks Download


My name is Wyatt Asher Reynolds. I go by Ranger. I received that moniker when I was in the military, serving as an elite Army Ranger sniper. During my fifteenth year in the service, I was shot. A couple inches lower and I would have been a dead man. The injury made me rethink my long-term goals and I decided it was time to head home. That was seven years ago.
I’ve been a member of Angel’s Rebellion MC for twenty years. I patched in before entering the service at eighteen-years-old.
I had it all. I have a job that I was excited to get up and go to every day. A group of Brothers at my back that I could count on for anything. A Brotherhood that I had been welcomed back into when I finally decided to call it good with the Army.
Despite all of the good in my life, I’ve been discontented lately. Watching all my Brothers finding Old Ladies, I realized that I was lonely, but I never planned to settle down because of something that happened in my past.
My best friend Doc sat me down and made me face several hard facts about myself. After thinking about everything she pointed out, I began thinking that maybe there was hope for me after all.
There was only one problem. I was thirty-nine-years-old and I’d never even come close to falling in love. Then the door to my past opened up and my world blew upside down.

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