Raise ‘Em Up by Amber Nicole (ePUB)

raise 'em up, amber nicole

Raise ‘Em Up (Solidarity Academy #3) by Amber Nicole – Free eBooks Download


Lies, betrayal, family, competition, cheer.

After returning home, I expected life to go back to the way it was before.
I couldn’t have been more wrong… But that’s a problem for another day.
They tried to break me again, but haven’t they figured it out by now?
I’m a Black Widow… Keep trying to take me out, I’ll just bite back harder.
Now, we’re here on the mats of one of the biggest competitions of my life.
Lives hang in the balance.
Hearts wait in a line.
But this time, we’re not giving up.
This time, I’m not alone.
With my guys by my side, I’m coming for you.
It’s time to raise ‘em up!

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