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Raiden (Rogue Enforcers) by Chelsea Handcock – Free eBooks Download


Raiden St. James is at a loss, drawn to help the world he was born into but hampered by his animal and his gifts. He has never been good enough, always different, a true loner because it’s safer that way for everyone. But there is one person who refuses to give up on him like he has on himself. Colton Alexander even going so far as calling in a witch.
He never expected that witch to become his mate and give him wings.

Savannah Holt chooses to live on the outside of the paranormal world, perfectly content making her baubles and selling them online. She lives a safe, sane existence in her little cabin by the lake, only letting her true ability come forth to right the wrongs of her father.

That exception will send these two sworn loners on a crazy ride—with a little encouragement from her crazy Aunt Esmeralda, a few mysterious pink bubbles, and one night which changes their fates forever. Will Raiden and Savi fly, or will they crash and burn?

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