Rage’s Davina by Kat Cameron (ePUB)

rage's davina, kat cameron

Rage’s Davina (Ruthless Renegades #3) by Kat Cameron – Free eBooks Download


She’s an addict.
Everything I despised.
And I couldn’t get her out of my head.
Blood stained my hands.
Violence tainted my soul.
All I’ve known was darkness and rage.
Until her.
This woman who represented everything I fought against.
Something about her called to me, taming the beast inside.
Being born and trained to kill, am I even capable of love?

He’s an animal.
Wild and vicious.
I couldn’t tell if he wanted to save me, strangle me, or pin me to the wall and claim me.
I used to dance for me, now I danced to survive. In the blink of an eye my whole world came crashing down, taking my dreams of Juilliard right along with it.
One bad decision after another, too many to count, now I’m addicted and desperate.
I’m a mess.
In the wrong place at the wrong time, I now know a secret that could cost me my life and I’m here panting after this angry man who’s promised to protect me even when I think he hates me.

Can Rage move past Davina’s addiction to save her? Will Davina give up her vices for the man risking it all to love her? Find out what happens when the dark consumes the light.

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