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raeghan, sherry foster

Raeghan (Safe Haven Wolves #13) by Sherry Foster – Free eBooks Download


A kidnapped child.
A last resort mission.

What could possible go wrong? Plenty. Raeghan isn’t happy. She has a job to do and she can’t afford for anyone or anything to get in her way. Unfortunately, her life is about to take a turn and not in a good direction according to her. But when the curse hits she has to make a choice. Give in or die and she isn’t ready to die just yet. Running, however, is an acceptable compromise.
Lucas can’t believe his luck. Sure he almost killed his pack mates when he felt his mate. And yes, maybe he did forget all his training and do the very thing he warned the others not to do. But what is a guy to do when he is flying a helicopter and feels his mate somewhere close. Turns out the most direct route was not the answer, not with a building in the way.
Ordered back home, Lucas has to hope his mate is safe and his people can find her in time. But finding her, and letting her live are two different things. Raeghan and her partner carry a secret which could make the mating bond she calls a curse the least of her problems and create new ones for all the packs. But as long as someone has pie, Raeghan might find being part of a pack worth it.

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